Google reviewsIf you’re still deciding where to go for your thesis printing and binding, read this first! The Document Centre in London’s SE1 has an excellent reputation for high quality printing and binding of college and university dissertations. Out of 15 customer reviews on Google a near perfect 13 are full 5-star rated and a different customer survey in February returned an unmatched, 100% ‘extremely satisfied’ rating from customers*.

Customer comments and testimonials may also help to convince you. A little while ago we wrote a post which highlighted the great testimonials and comments that we receive here, at The Document Centre, from customers (click the bold link to read those original ones). Well, a little bit of time has passed and so now we have quite a few more to share with you, below …

About the online ordering process:

  • “I ordered my thesis printing and binding within a few minutes, very simple to use.”
  • “Very straight forward and seamless.”
  • “Totalling up whilst going along […] was refreshing, rather that being surprised at the end of the order!”

About The Document Centre’s staff:

  • “Really helpful, made the process very smooth.”
  • “Very professional and polite.”
  • “Staff are very easy to talk to and they have a lot of patience and I credit them all for that.”
  • “The lady was very helpful when we had a delivery query.”
  • “Great advice on the phone.”
  • “Kept calm and friendly even with last minute problems.”

In fact, of those who answered our survey earlier this year, 93.75% said that The Document Centre’s staff were ‘extremely helpful’. All respondents said The Document Centre’s staff were ‘professional’ (81.25% saying ‘extremely’ so).

About communications from The Document Centre staff following an order:

  • “Very helpful and committed staff.”
  • “Staff had an answer to all of my questions.”

In fact, everyone who answered our February survey said that The Document Centre’s communications with customers were clear (87.5% saying ‘extremely’ so).

About overall satisfaction with The Document Centre:

  • “I absolutely love how my dissertation has been bound and I am very proud of it.”
  • “Really easy to use and order what I wanted, helpful staff, got my thesis printed and bound ahead of time!”
  • “I was recommended by another book binding store nearby (I cannot remember exactly) but it was my first time going to the document centre and needed my work printed for the next day for my hand in at university and the gentleman stayed and helped me out; I was panicking but he got it done and it looked great. Ever since I keep going back and recommend it to family and friends.”

* In fact, in our February survey, 100% of respondents said they were ‘extremely satisfied’ with The Document Centre.

Whether or not customers would recommend The Document Centre to a friend or colleague:

  • “I have already recommended my fellow colleagues at university who were also very impressed with it.”
  • “I already have.”

In our February survey, 100% of respondents said they would recommend The Document Centre to a friend or colleague (93.75% of them saying it was ‘extremely likely’).

About the likelihood of customers using The Document Centre again?

  • “I will definitely be using the document centre again.”

That was a typical response in our February survey (many more can be seen in our earlier post) and a whopping 93.75% of respondents said they would be ‘extremely’ likely to use The Document Centre again.

Thesis Printing & Binding Services

The Document Centre is a specialist, university-approved service for the printing and binding of theses and dissertations for university and college students. We pioneered the service in the UK and likewise were the forerunners of thesis binding and printing services online. Students can either order in our London (SE1) shop or use our online ordering service for their thesis printing and binding. More information is available here, or call 020 7928 9738 and we’d be happy to discuss the various options.