Top uni earners

Crowd-sourced salary data has borne some useful information which shows the earning potential graduates might expect within 5 years of leaving university. In this, the first of several related posts, we take a look at which universities produced the highest earners within that timeframe.

It will be no surprise that Oxford and Cambridge graduates came within the top 5 in the salary research. Oxford university graduates, in 2nd place overall, averaged a salary of £54,000 within 5 years of leaving whereas Cambridge graduates, in 4th place, averaged £52,500. Sandwiched in between them in 3rd place was Warwick Business School whose graduates had an average salary of £53,000. Coming out right on top at the number 1 position was the London Business School whose graduates reported an average salary of a whopping £69,000 within five years of leaving. Quite a jump!

It’s good to see alumni from some of our most regular university ‘thesis binding’ customers also in the top 20 places. The London School of Economics (LSE) came out in 6th place with its graduates averaging a tidy £50,000 salary. Other Document Centre regulars are Imperial College London whose graduates earned £47,000 on average and University of London (UoL) a little lower in 11th place with an average salary of £45,500 per graduate. UCL, another regular customer at The Document Centre, came in at 17th place with an average graduate salary of £40,500 within five years of leaving.

Here is the full top 20 list showing average earnings within five years of leaving university:

  1. £69,000 – London Business School
  2. £54,000 – Oxford University
  3. £53,000 – Warwick Business School
  4. £52,500 – Cambridge University
  5. £50,500 – Cass Business School
  6. £50,000 – London School of Economics (LSE)
  7. £49,000 – University of Sheffield
  8. £48,500 – Edinburgh University
  9. £47,000 – Imperial College London
  10. £46,500 – University of Birmingham
  11. £45,500 – University of London
  12. £45,000 – Durham University
  13. £43,500 – University of Bath
  14. £43,000 – Aston University
  15. £42,500 – Warwick University
  16. £41,000 – Bristol University
  17. £40,500 – University College London (UCL)
  18. £40,500 – Loughborough University
  19. £40,500 – University of Leeds
  20. £40,000 – University of Nottingham

Earning potential is now a serious consideration for prospective university students. Long gone are the days when the average graduate could leave university with little or no debt. Instead, they can now expect to leave owing around £44,000 so it’s more important than ever for them to know it’s going to be worth the investment in time and money. This is where data like that above is so useful. Using it we can not only see the overall university/salary rankings but can also pick up useful clues as to the type of courses which represented the best return on investment. As Thomas Drewry of explains, salary data of this kind, “enables individuals to see what they should be earning now, in 5 or 10 years’ time, or even in other industries or career paths they might be considering, to make more informed choices and manage their own career more effectively.” For example we can see that business schools clearly take up many of the top positions in the table so it might be worth considering a business-related course if the very best ROI is to be achieved.

Now we know which universities produced the highest earners, we’ll take a closer look at which university subjects are likely to pay the most within 5 years of leaving uni’ — but we’ll leave that for a separate future post.

The data used above is courtesy of‘s salary benchmarking service which uses data collected from 35,000 individuals. If you are a graduate and would like to take part, please contribute here.

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