Bespoke bookbinding printing

So far, it’s been a busy month for thesis printing and binding here at The Document Centre. However we’ve also seen a healthy number of orders for printing and bespoke bookbinding for other types of publication. These include all of the following:

  • Several novels including hard- and soft-bound examples;
  • Several poetry books, mostly printed in black and white;
  • Business-to-business pitches and presentations printed in full colour and bound into book form. These typically included strategic partnership proposals and suchlike;
  • Special industry reports which were printed in full colour and bound using hard-back, soft-back or velo bookbinding methods. For example, we produced one for a client in the petrochemical industry;
  • A printed and bound childhood ‘memento’ book given by a daughter to her father on his 60th birthday. This included the stories the father had told his daughter when she was young;
  • An 80 page play, printed in black and white, written by an up and coming playwright;
  • A particularly exciting 100 page, full colour, bound manual outlining plans for a manned mission to set up an outpost on Mars and later a return trip home again. So perhaps our manual may end up going to Mars!

Despite none of the above being theses or dissertations, every one of them was able to be ordered online using our thesis binding ‘upload and order’ facilities.

So if you have a novel, proposal, report, memento book, manual or presentation document you’d like printed in full colour or black and white then bound professionally into a book, you’re in the right place. The Document Centre has been at the forefront of document printing and binding, along with bespoke bookbinding and repair, for many decades and has led the way with regard to ordering such services online. Call 020 7928 9738 or contact us here and we’d be delighted to discuss your printing and binding project with you and to outline all the different bookbinding techniques from which you can choose. Alternatively upload your publication artwork in PDF format here and order online.