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Velo binding requests have been coming in thick and fast in recent weeks here at The Document Centre in London. Velo binding is an inexpensive and very fast bookbinding process and is used widely by universities and other institutions whose students have written doctoral papers, theses or dissertations of one form or another. With velo binding the thesis is presented with a transparent plastic front cover and a card back cover plus a tell-tale plastic strip close to the spine edge, on both the front and back covers. It is much cheaper and far faster than soft or hard binding and we’ll explain a bit more about the process here in this blog post.

Velo binding (also called ‘strip’ binding) uses a 12-pin system whereby 12 regularly spaced holes are punched close to one edge of the printed sheets of a thesis or other multi-page document. A plastic strip incorporating identically spaced ‘tines’ is then inserted through the aligned holes in the thesis and covers so that they protrude through all of the pages to the other side, also then passing through another plastic strip which has identically spaced holes. A binding machine then clamps tightly down on the whole assembly so that the book or thesis is compacted together. The excess lengths of tine are cut off and heat melted at the same time so as to seal them to the 2nd plastic strip, so forming a secure, tamper-proof binding. (The tamper-proof facet is also what makes velo binding popular in the legal profession).

Students studying on the Midwifery and Nursing courses at King’s College London have been using this quick and inexpensive binding method increasingly for their dissertations in recent years. With The Document Centre, university students can either supply their own pre-printed pages or a PDF of their dissertation for us to print from. The velo binding process can then usually be undertaken on a while-you-wait basis, without an appointment being necessary. Up to 600 sheets can be bound using the velo binding system, so long as it is no deeper than 3 inches maximum. The plastic spines are usually supplied in black or white, however for bulk binding quantities (100 minimum) other colours can be specially ordered should the need arise.

If you have any velo binding requirements, be it for a university dissertation or for a business, The Document Centre have been in the printing and binding business for years and offer a first class, personable service along with fast turnarounds and very competitive prices. We are bookbinding experts and offer many other types of bookbinding and document binding along with book repairs, commercial document printing and duplicationCall us on 020 7928 9738 or click here to order your university dissertation or business bookbinding online.