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This is an urgent message for all Institute of Education students: the deadline for submission of your thesis to the Institute is this coming Monday, 8th September, so you only have a few days to get your thesis soft and/or hard bound by us here at The Document Centre.

The good news is that, during week days, we offer ‘same day’ turnaround — so long as you supply your thesis to us by 10.30am we’ll have your thesis ready for pick-up or despatch by 3.30pm the same day. We also advise all students to use our online ordering system at the moment, rather than coming to the store, as this will avoid long waits (we often have people queuing out the door during August and September as they are our busiest months of the year, so if possible please order and upload your thesis PDFs via the website rather than waiting for them to be bound in store).

Upload your thesis/dissertation PDF and order online here. We will bind to the Institute’s exact specification i.e. a medium blue cover with gold lettering on the spine.

Main photo © Mattbuck, licensed under the Creative Commons license.