LinkedIn Uni Rankings by ca

When you go to university, usually the desired outcome is to land yourself a great job with a top employer at the end of it. But which universities are providing the best springboard for top careers? LinkedIn have published an interesting set of tables effectively showing which universities launched their graduates into the most desirable jobs. The ranking data is based upon 300 million alumni profiles found within the global LinkedIn network. Here we’ll take a look at the UK findings. 

In order to rank the universities, the analysis had to firstly identify which jobs are the most desirable from each of the professions under scrutiny (see how that’s done here). Next they worked out which graduates obtained those jobs (easy for LinkedIn as all the data is right there in their network of professional profiles). Lastly they looked to see which universities those successful graduates had studied at originally.

The result is a set of rankings which show the top 24 universities which were a springboard to top jobs in each of the 5 career categories below:

• Accounting professionals
• Finance professionals
• Investment bankers
• Marketers
• Media professionals

To see the complete list of 24 ranking universities for each, plus some additional detail, follow the links above but log into your LinkedIn account first. In the mean time we confirm that the top ten positions for the UK universities are as follows:

LinkedIn Uni Rank By Career

Of particular note is the LSE which featured in the top spot in 3 of the 5 career paths and UCL which was in the top 2 or 3 spots for three of the career categories. Some universities featured in the top 10 positions in all 5 career sections. These included Oxford and Durham universities.

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