Alt Uni League Tables

As it’s been nice and sunny recently and we have the Spring Bank Holiday coming up (this coming Monday at time of writing) we thought we’d continue the good vibe and include something a little more light-hearted than normal for this next blog post. Apparently the people over at Student Money Saver (‘SMS’) have compiled The Alternative University League Table and it makes for — let’s say — interestingreading! To get the new insights into UK university students SMS surveyed over a thousand of them, asking them to score themselves. So, no external judging panel here — this league table is all based upon self-reflection!

So, now that the data is in, we can happily confirm their findings. Here are some of the results:

The university with the nicest students (ahem … self-rated, we should mention):

  • 1st place: University of Chichester
  • 2nd place: University of Law
  • 3rd place: Abertay University

The university with the most beautiful students (self-rated … how modest!):

  • 1st place: University of East London
  • 2nd place: Institute of Education
  • 3rd place: Swansea Metropolitan

The university with the happiest students:

  • 1st place: Middlesex University
  • 2nd place: University of West London
  • 3rd place: Bath Spa University

The university with the most intelligent people (… according to themselves):

  • 1st place: University of Law (2nd mention)
  • 2nd place: Institute of Education (2nd mention)
  • 3rd place: S.O.A.S.

The university with the funniest students (… so they say):

  • 1st place: University of Dundee
  • 2nd place: University of Law (yet another, 3rd, mention!)
  • 3rd place: Goldsmiths, University of London

The university with (allegedly) the most party animals:

  • 1st place: The Robert Gordon University
  • 2nd place: University of the Highlands & Islands
  • 3rd place: University of Cumbria

Those above represent perhaps the more ‘tame’ examples … there are some other categories which maybe we won’t go into here (I’m sure you don’t want to know which university has the most disgustingstudents after all). Having said that, the full table of alternative university league results is available to anyone interested in a more complete picture.

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