Having recently received several more 5-star ratings and reviews since we last highlighted them in our blog, we thought we’d take a look to see how consistently we score such top marks. The results are humbling and we are truly grateful to all those customers who took the time and trouble to leave such lovely ratings and reviews on Google and Facebook. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Amazing 5-Star Ratings from our Customers

On Google, every one of the 9 ratings received in the last 6 months has been the full 5 stars – incredible! Of the 35 ever received on Google, a staggering 29 (83%) scored with the full 5 stars with an additional 3 receiving a perfectly admirable 4-star rating. That’s therefore over 91% of customers leaving either an excellent 5 or 4 star rating, along with many lovely comments too.

On Facebook, it’s even more impressive — every one of the 18 ratings received since 20 June 2014 has been a 5-star rating — that’s ratings and reviews going back nearly 3 years! In fact, of the 27 ever received on Facebook, 24 of them (89%) were full 5-star ratings and a further 2 were 4-star ratings. That’s therefore over 96% who are extremely happy with the service received. We’re amazed and incredibly grateful to those who marked us so highly along with a whole host of lovely comments.

Thesis Printing & Binding for University Students

We are printers and document binders at The Document Centre and are based in London SE1, near London Bridge. While that includes general printing, large format printing, document binding, bookbinding and book repair, our main service is thesis and dissertation printing and binding for university students. The printing and binding is produced to each university’s individual specification (unless otherwise instructed — we do bespoke too) and we offer various turnaround times from 2 hours to 3 days. Delivery is also free to a number of London institutions and students can order their thesis/dissertation printing and binding online as well as via the shop in Southwark Bridge Road. Call 020 7928 9738 or click the bold links for further information.