3 minute thesis

All over the world competitions are springing up where university students go head-to-head in super-fast thesis presentations to fellow university students, tutors, businesses and now even TV viewers. “Thesis in 3” is a great example. Here, masters or doctoral students from all over Ireland have to present their thesis in just 3 slides and in only 1 minute each. The idea is to present their thesis in rapid-fire, 1 minute bite-sized chunks, in a way suitable for non-specialists to understand. Part of the aim is to showcase the incredible research happening in the country’s universities as well as to explain the significance of the research and open the research up to a wider audience. The finals become quite a glittering event with well-known TV Science presenters being brought in as MCs, top scientists and science media personalities doing the judging plus, of course, prestigious prizes being awarded to the top three speakers.

In another example, this time across the pond in The University of Alabama, camera crews are also brought in to cover even the run-up to the presentations in full documentary style. Cameras follow individual presenters as they prepare behind the scenes, tell their background stories and finally present their thesis in ‘Elevator Pitch’ style during the Three Minute Theses (‘3MT’) competition itself. The university took part in the 3MT competition to showcase the cutting-edge research to other students and now, with TV coverage, to the country at large. It is excellent exposure for both universities and students, who place themselves firmly in front of potential future employers as well as benefitting from the prestige and, of course, any winnings.

The idea of 3MT originally came The University of Queensland in Australia. However the idea is spreading around the world rapidly. The 3MT competition arrived in the UK in 2013 and 25 institutions took part, sending their own in-house competition winners through to the National semi-finals during July that year. Ironically the University of York, who hosted the final, also supplied the overall winner that year. Information about the 2014 UK competition can be found here and you can even watch videos of the finalists and winners presenting their 3 minute theses.

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