How to Make a PDF

We would like you to supply your document as a PDF. This ensures the formatting and layout of your work do not change when printed.

PDF Creation

Please ensure you check the PDF version of your document and that you are happy for us to print before placing your order. If you experience problems converting your files to PDF please contact us.

We have full instructions below for creating PDF files on Mac and Windows computers.

If you already have your file saved as PDF, skip this section and click Next Step below.

Create a PDF using an Apple Mac

All Macs have an option to save as PDF installed as standard.

  1. Open the document you want to save as a PDF file.
  2. Choose File > Print
  3. Choose a command from the PDF pop-up menu (bottom left)
  4. You have two options
    1. To create a PDF file, choose Save as PDF. This creates a digital master PDF file. All graphics are at full resolution, and the file includes each font character it uses.
    2. To create a PDF-X file, choose Save as PDF-X. PDF-X is a subset of PDF that’s used in the printing industry and contains the minimum information needed to print the document.

You may find this video helpful.

Create a PDF using a Windows PC

Convert a Word .doc/.docx to a PDF from Microsoft Office

  1. Choose File > Save as > PDF or XPS You will need the Microsoft Office Plug-in to be installed on your PC to convert the file from extension .docx or .doc to PDF. This is the simplest way to convert your file to PDF.

You may find this video helpful.

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