Many of us have a novel or autobiography hidden inside, waiting to be written. Others have their novel already typed out, sitting hidden away, unseen by anyone other than the author. People, often when at a more mature age, eventually decide to put pen to paper to finally write that novel or autobiography, to get it recorded at long last, having really meant to do it years ago. When finished, many are beautiful things to behold and can be so very interesting for friends and relatives to read, in particular. That’s even more true when the work is printed and bound professionally — what might have been construed as perhaps trivial in the form of scraps of loose paper or notes suddenly becomes professional-looking, serious and significant when presented in the form of a hard-bound, beautifully printed book with a gold foiled, leather or full colour cover (see the examples below).

At The Document Centre in London we receive enquiries almost daily from those looking to finally print and bind their own personal stories, whether fiction or non-fiction. Furthermore, the feedback we get once the books have been bound is wonderful. The new authors, their friends and family, simply love the finished books and wonder why they didn’t have them professionally bound decades ago!

So don’t delay; at The Document Centre we have all the skills and techniques ready and waiting so that we can bring your first book to life. Whether it’s a novel, autobiography, biography of a close relative or friend, or some kind of family keepsake, we can make it look a million dollars and turn it into something to pass on to future generations — your name and story, in question, in print, forever.

And — you never know — you may find you’re onto something big and that novel gathers interest from a wider audience. The next J K Rowling might well be sitting there in the wings, a gnat’s whisker away from being discovered!

Call The Document Centre on 020 7928 9738 or contact them here for further details or to discuss the options. Perhaps let us know the size, number of pages and type of binding required and we’ll be happy to supply a free quotation, without obligation. You can also click the following links to learn more about our services for self-publishers: printing servicesbespoke bookbinding services. Also take a look out our photograph gallery to see the many and varied types of printing and bookbinding that we undertake.

bespoke bookbinding example