Students from The Royal Veterinary College are amongst the many that regularly use the Document Centre for their thesis or dissertation printing and binding. It’s our pleasure to be part of their journey and so, by way of a thank you to all those from the College, we have put together a brief introduction to the institution below.

About The Royal Veterinary College

In 1789 a famous racehorse called “Eclipse” was being treated by a vet called Charles Benoit de St Bel. This Frenchman was, at that time, the only vet qualified enough to treat the horse. After doing so he wanted to set up a vet school for budding veterinarians. With the help of an influential London committee that included Granville Penn, grandson of William Penn, a veterinary college was built in 1791 (see main image above). Today the original site is still home to the College’s London campus in Camden NW1, with additional campuses, including a working farm, now being located in Hertfordshire. Over the intervening years the College has grown from just its first four students to become the largest and oldest veterinary college in English speaking countries. It is renowned worldwide for leading the way in veterinary and biological research.

The College today is made up of undergraduate, 
postgraduate and CPD (Continual Professional Development) students studying veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing and the biosciences. It also has excellent research facilities and assists referral hospitals such as the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, which is the largest small animal hospital in Europe. The College’s research programmes cover a vast range of fields including epidemiology, pathology, microbiology, clinical sciences to name just a few.

Thesis & Dissertation Printing & Binding Services

The Document Centre, in London’s SE1, provides a complete range of services for thesis and dissertation binding.  Options include hard binding, soft binding, wiro and velo binding – plus many other types of binding – with additional options like foil lettering, register ribbons, CD holders and many other extras. There are also different turnaround times available to suit all needs (available on the order form). Free delivery is available for some London universities. If you would like any help or advice please contact The Document Centre here or telephone them on 020 7928 9738.  An FAQ page can also be found on their website at

Main image: The original building of the Veterinary College, London, 1804. Engraving possibly by Engraver John William Cook after Joseph Charles Barrow.
Thumbnail image: Photograph of the Royal Veterinary College by Stephen McKay [CC BY-SA 2.0), taken in January 2010.