Clearing Adjustment options

It’s A’ Level Results Day so if you’ve just received your results we hope that you achieved what you needed and now have firm acceptance from the university of your choice. However, whether you did better or worse than you expected or hoped, you still have some options: 


If you didn’t get the grades you needed to get acceptance by any of your university choices, have had second thoughts about your original choices or if you applied too late, then consider using UCAS’s ‘Clearing Service’ to find a new course. With the UCAS course search tool you can identify courses which still have vacancies and then directly contact any of the universities or colleges which take your fancy. Check several times because the data is constantly changing at this time of year. Be quick, too, before someone else beats you to the vacancy. Often you’ll end up having a ‘telephone interview’ and if you’re lucky you’ll receive a verbal acceptance there and then onto the course. Once you have this you can add your new choice straight into Track. Note that you can only add one choice at a time so you’ll have to await the new university’s decision before you can think about adding another choice. Either way, act fast because vacancies will be filled quickly and the Clearing service is only open until September anyway.


The ‘Adjustment’ service, available from 13th to 31st August 2015, is primarily for those people who received better than expected results in their A’ Levels, or who perhaps are having a change of heart about the original course or university they originally chose. Adjustment potentially allows them to swap courses, universities or colleges, for example where new vacancies have arisen because not every original applicant met their target grades. Those looking for such vacancies through adjustment will usually already have a firm offer based upon their successful results but they can optionally switch should they find somewhere more desirable. If you choose to register for Adjustment but don’t find an alternative university place, you will still be able to keep your original firm offer as the criteria have already been met and that offer remains firm unless you accept an alternative through the adjustment system. So in a way you have nothing to lose, through adjustment; well, apart from the small admin fee.

If you’re still not sure

If you’re still not sure which way to go, don’t worry as help is just a phone call away. Try calling the Exam Results Helpline (0808 100 8000) for free guidance. Lines are open from today, advice is independent and the careers advisers are all experts, whether you want to discuss universities, courses, careers, skills, gap years, re-sits or re-marking options.

About us

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