In this post, we thought we’d detail some of the printing machinery and, more importantly, the printing capabilities that we have here at The Document Centre in London’s SE1.

Our Xerox Versant 80 digital printing press

Xerox Versant 80 digital prWe have a brand new Xerox Versant 80, which is a very versatile, high quality, high resolution (up to 2400dpi) and accurate digital printing press. This is the newest Xerox digital machine on the market and prints from 80 to 400gsm paper/card weights and can handle matt, silk and gloss paper surfaces and, in fact, any other digital printer media including uncoated, coated, polyester/synthetic, textured and we even envelopes. With regard to sheet sizes, the press can be used with any paper size from A7 (74mm x 105mm) to SRA3 (320mm × 450mm). We typically use the machine for printing the inner pages for the books, for brochures, flyers, invites, post cards, folded and stapled booklets, business cards and many other types of sales and marketing literature. This machine is also very useful for high quality photocopying, document duplication and scanning. The quality of all output is excellent, whether black and white or full colour, helped by the fact that it can output screen rulings (the tiny ‘grid’ formation of dots making up the image) anywhere from 150lpi (quite coarse) to 600lpi (incredibly fine) as well as having what’s known as a ‘stochastic’ screening mode. This is a tiny random dot formation and, as such, looks every bit as it if is ‘continuous tone’, i.e. the appearance of photographic quality, with no perceived dot at all.

Our Xerox colour 550 digital printing press

xerox color 550This is similar to the Versant 80 above, so has very similar capabilities. It can print on both coated and uncoated stock, print on paper weights up to 300gsm and has a resolution of 2400dpi. It multitasks and has the capability to print double-sided, crease, fold and staple as well as simply print or duplicate. As with the machine above, the output is excellent, with crisp and bright clarity, sharp text and ‘near litho’ quality.

Our Canon iPF8400 large format printer

Canon iPF8400 large formatOur Canon iPF8400 large format printer prints fine art quality prints sized anywhere from A4 (210mm x 297mm) up to A0 size (841mm x 1189mm), including posters, photos, architecture plans & drawings and canvas prints, for which a framing/stretching service is available. Turnaround is fast and output quality is superb – it has to be seen to be believed – whether it’s of a text/graphical nature or is photographic. Colours are rich and consistent, graduations or ‘vignettes’ are very smooth and even flat blacks and dark shadowy areas in photos are enhanced compared to print-outs from more standard machines. This is all thanks to the 12-colour inks and integral sensor system that checks the output as it is being printed. Please note that the Canon iPF8400 uses water-based ink so prints from this machine are suitable for indoor use only.

Lamination & Encapsulation

Print-outs like our large format prints from the machine above can be laminated, for example for book covers or to protect posters and in-store displays. As well as that lamination service, we can also supply document encapsulating up to A3 in size (297mm x 420mm).

Lithographic printing

For very high volume printing, lithographic (‘litho’) printing is more cost-effective than digital so we also handle and supply this type of work, so customers can come to The Document Centre whatever quantity of print is required.


foilingAt The Document Centre, we can produce digital foiling in-house. This innovative, digital foiling process is suitable for smoother materials – not leather or uncoated fabrics – and is available in gold and silver. We typically use digital foiling for the front cover lettering on thesis binding as it can be used quickly and cheaply to put metallic foil lettering or logos onto book covers etc. With digital foiling, you do not get the debossed effect that you see with traditional foil blocking.

However, we also offer traditional foil blocking in our own ‘blocked’ typefaces or from a foiling ‘die’ (bespoke metal printing plate) made from customer artwork. More foil colour options are available with this process and many other materials can be foiled, e.g. leather, leatherette, rougher/textured surfaces, material etc.


It goes without saying that The Document Centre is at the forefront of bookbinding, including bespoke document binding, the online binding of theses and dissertations, book repair and restoration. However, as it’s such a big topic and specialist service, we’ll leave the finer detail to a separate post that we’ll publish in the near future.

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