We are so lucky to have such lovely customers — not only do they keep us busy with lots printing, binding and bookbinding for theses, dissertations and business documents, but some of them also take the trouble to write in with lovely comments and to leave 5-star ratings and reviews on Google and Facebook. Thank you to all of them; we really appreciate it! Here are the latest batch (ratings on each of the review sites were out of 5 maximum and once again we appear to have scored full marks in every case!).

“I use Document Centre all the time to print professional treatments to send to possible clients. They have never let me down and they are very very quick!! Very friendly and take the jobs I give them very seriously, working with me to ensure I get exactly what I need. Will continue to use them, strongly recommend”

Sullivan C. (Via Google Reviews 14 February 2017)

Testimonial Aasim K

“amazing service, lovely friendly staff my books are amazing … can’t wait to use them again which we will do in the future!!!!!!!”

Susan M. (Via Google Reviews 24 January 2017)

Testimonial Shareen

“Thank you for taking all the stress out of my dissertation hand in. Fast, easy, great price and friendly serves [sic]. My beautiful bindings were much admired at the hand in desk. See you again when I do my MA.”

Tarryn W. (Via Facebook Reviews 21 January 2017)


“Great quality printing and customer service! I gladly recommend it.”

Anita T. (Via Google Reviews 20 January 2017)

Printing & binding services – in London & online

If you have any printing or document binding requirements, The Document Centre would be very happy to help you and, as you’ve seen above, we do a great job and have excellent customer service and quality. We have a variety of services, including:

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