To some of us, writing a journal can seem rather unnecessary. A waste of time. That is, presuming we actually have the time to write one. Life is so busy these days!

But that is precisely the reason why many people do like to keep a journal. Recording your daily thoughts, feelings and experiences in a diary or journal can be enjoyable, and beneficial for your mental health.

Writing a journal can help you in the following ways:

  • Achieve goals. If you make a note of your goals, you keep a track of your intentions and progress towards those goals. They serve as a reminder of what you’d like to accomplish.
  • Improve writing and communications skills. Your writing will improve naturally the more you do it. And if your writing improves, your communication skills will improve as a result.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety. Committing our thoughts and feelings to a journal, even if they’re negative, offers an outlet for what’s in our minds. This simple act can bring us clarity and catharsis.
  • Find inspiration. Let your imagination run free. Sketches, poems, photographs – they all contribute to a vibrant journal that expresses your true personality.

How to create a digital journal

If you want to start a journal but don’t fancy the physical act of writing one, there are many digital formats out there, whether you want a work planner, a motivational app, or simply somewhere to note down your thoughts.

There are several options available which mimic the ‘traditional’ journal and have less structure than a workflow planner or diary, for example.

Some of our favourite digital journals are:

  • Day One
  • Daybook
  • Penzu
  • 750 Words
  • Cloud

Most of these are free in a basic format, although you will have to subscribe to access certain editorial features.

Custom journal printing and bookbinding

So, you’ve been using your journal for a while now, and it’s full of your thoughts, feelings, jottings, photos, and sketches. But can you print it out? Yes! Custom journal and notebook printing is widely available.

For many of us, nothing can replicate the pleasure of having a book in our hands. Admiring the cover, then lovingly turning the pages whilst curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea. So, what better way to treat yourself than getting your digital journal printed out?

For a truly accomplished finish, it’s best to employ a professional bookbinder to print and bind your journal. A custom book binding gives you the choice of cover materials, e.g., leather or vellum, and you can add little finishing flourishes such as calligraphy and page edging.

Many bespoke bookbinders faithfully recreate the old techniques using modern technology, high quality paper and a fantastic attention to detail. This is especially true for hand bookbinding, which remains a true craft, and a worthy way to preserve your journal for future enjoyment.

The Document Centre has experts with over 100 years of combined experience in bespoke bookbinding and printing, who can bring your digital journal to life. For expert advice, and to find out more, follow this link: