Taylors of Harrogate

One of the many services offered at The Document Centre in London’s SE1 is bespoke bookbinding. This includes bookbinding from scratch as well as bookbinding repair and restoration. This latest example of recent work falls into the former category and is a bespoke bookbinding job for Taylors of Harrogate. Taylors of Harrogate are, as the name suggests, a Yorkshire business and their speciality is fine, carefully blended, teas and coffees. They’re a family-run business which has been operating since 1886. The Document Centre recently produced this beautiful tailor-made hardback book for them. Bound in ‘Sea Blue’ faux leather, the cover and spine were also beautifully foiled in metallic silver foil. The Document Centre also printed all internal pages and included a ‘register ribbon’ in the book. This forms a convenient bookmark which is impossible to lose simply because it is bound in at one end during the bookbinding process. It also adds to the quality feel of the finished book.

Personalisation is also available. For example, we can add your logo, name and text to covers as well as printing and binding the internals pages professionally. Whether it’s a Bible repair, a restoration of an antique or rare book, simple recovering or making a set of leather or faux leather volumes, we can do it all in-house and indeed have even produced such work for the Royal Family as well as for the legal profession, individuals and businesses from London, the UK and abroad. Presentation books are also a speciality.

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