As you may have seen, we’re asking all those who have recently ordered printing and binding to fill in a short survey to let us know how we’re doing. They also have the chance to win an iPad Mini – a random draw currently takes place every 6 weeks. The survey has only been running for a short while but we’re already seeing great ratings and some really nice comments. Thank you to all those who have taken part so far. Below are a few highlights — these are all totally genuine comments from customers of The Document Centre who have filled in the survey during the first half of February:

“I have in the past used another thesis binding company. At the other printing place, it took three days to process the order and their website was incredibly difficult to navigate (I had to be very careful about the information I was providing based on University of London regulations). In contrast my experience with The Document Centre has been great. The Document Centre was recommended by a friend. The website was extremely easy to use. I uploaded my PDF instantly and received same day service (it was even ready earlier than expected). Also, it’s wonderful that they already know the formatting information for Goldsmiths (colour/lettering) which eased my mind at a stressful time. Also, the staff were very friendly and reassuring. Thank you.”

Q: How helpful were the staff are at The Document Centre?

100% of February respondents to date said that staff were ‘Extremely helpful’. Comments included:

“This is the main reason why I selected The Document Centre, because the person I spoke to on the phone was so helpful. When I turned up in person I was equally impressed with how helpful the staff were.”

“Instant responses to queries.”

“Had a small issue which needed clarification post order. Replied the next morning at 0830h. Cleared up the issue straight away, thanks.”

Q: How professional were the staff?

100% of February respondents to date said they were ‘Extremely professional’ (86%) or ‘Somewhat professional’ (14%). Comments included:

“They were professional but not to the extent that you couldn’t relate to them.”

“Very warm and friendly. They’re obviously very experienced and know how to manage stressed PhD students!”

“no issues… will use again”

Q: How clear were communications following an order?

100% of February respondents to date said that communications with them were ‘Extremely clear’. Comments included:

“Emails for ordering.. and a text when ready to collect. Good media combination.”

Q: Overall, how satisfied are you with The Document Centre?

100% of February respondents to date said that they were ‘Extremely satisfied’ with The Document Centre overall. Comments included:

“My portfolio looked fantastic and the binding was done within 10 minutes which was exactly what I needed so that I could quickly post it.”

“I would recommend The Document Centre to a friend. You can rely on great service, when your work is due at the last minute!”

Q: How likely would you be to recommend The Document Centre to a friend or colleague?

100% of February respondents to date said ‘extremely likely’. Comments included:

“I’ll be going here for all my binding needs throughout the rest of my course.”

“I would definitely recommend it.”

“Er… already have!”

Q: How likely would you be to use The Document Centre again?

100% of February respondents to date said ‘Extremely likely’. Comments included:

“I believe if my PhD is successful I will have to print another hard copy so yes!”

“See you in a few years when I complete the PhD.”

Q: How easy was it to understand the pricing structure on the website?

“Very clear and it’s nice to see where the money is going!”

“Totalling up whilst going along which was refreshing, rather that being surprised at the end of the order!”

We also had some small pieces of advice and this, too, was welcome. After all, the whole point of the survey is to work out where we’re falling short as well as where we’re getting things right for our customers. Thank you again to everyone who has taken part so far.

If you have recently ordered printing or document binding from The Document Centre, whether online or at the London shop, please do fill in a survey. Only a small percentage of customers have done so, to date, so your chance of winning the iPad Mini is really rather good compared to standard odds you might usually expect in other prize draws. If you’d like to take part, please look out for our flyer or information card that should be supplied with your finished order. (Not received one? Request a copy here).