Top thesis tips via twitter

We recently re-tweeted about a set of top tips for finishing your PhD thesis. But what’s even better is the curated and ‘Storified’ collection of Twitter conversations upon which that article was based.

For those who don’t know, “Storify” is a site which can be used to curate the online conversation about any particular topic, by bringing in tweets and other social media posts into one central place. The collection of social media posts and tweets can then be ordered so as to make them into a story or easily understandable, structured, thread. The result in this case is a set of ordered tweets imparting tips and wisdom to help you finish your PhD thesis as quickly and as painlessly as possible, courtesy mostly of graduates who have been through it all themselves. The unusual format makes interesting and entertaining reading and, as well as being helpful, is occasionally quite amusing as you’ll see.

So what was the advice for finishing a PhD thesis in time? Here are some of our favourite tweeted responses:

  • If you think your mental health might be interfering with your write-up, get help as soon as you can.(Michael Bench-Capon).
  • Go outside. Work outside if you can. Fresh air, trees & sunshine do wonders for what’s left of your sanity (Helen Coverdale).
  • Remember that a #PhD doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Nothing more self-crippling than perfectionism. (Nathan Waddell).
  • … a PhD thesis is seldom really ‘finished’, but abandoned in a passable state (Stephen Roberts).
  • Pick your battles. The introduction is more important than the other bits. (Peter Jones).
  • Don’t lose sight of overall aims/structure. Read intro & conclusion to each chapter in sequence, and check they match up. (Adam Kucharski).
  • I’d say, the last min stuff takes longer than you think! Allow 2 weeks for checking, printing, binding.(Katherine McDonald).
  • … days when your brain is too tired to write: check quotations, biblio, etc so you’re still making progress (Julia M. Wright).
  • … don’t diet, build in treats, 1000 words = chocolate or whatever your reward, loosen belts, they can be tightened when its over! (Sue Watling).
  • Don’t panic! Procrastinate … Then panic! (Academia Obscura).
  • Get off twitter and get back to writing. (A Polum).
  • … find a workspace with no internet access for a few hours every day (‘Opposing Thumb’).

We would like to thank AcademiaObscura for curating the ‘Storified’ tweets. Here is the full version.

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