The Document Centre reached an incredible milestone this week, having received our 50th five-star rating on Google. Given that the total number of Google reviews is 57 and a score of 5 is the best possible rating, it’s amazing to have been awarded as many as 50 ratings with full marks. The fiftieth 5 star review was typical in terms of the lovely comments about our printing and document binding services:

“Great service, great quality printing and catered to my specific last minute needs, will be back”

Here are the full statistics:

  • Fifty 5 star ratings out of 57 total reviews on Google (87.7% scoring top marks);
  • plus a further three 4 star ratings included within the 57;
  • That means that 93% of all Google reviewers rated us 5 or 4 stars (the equivalent of ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’ respectively);
  • Check out all our Google reviews and ratings here.

It’s also impressive when it comes to our Facebook reviews:

  • Thirty-three 5 star ratings out of a total of 36 reviews (91.7%);
  • Plus a further two of the 36 scored an equally admirable 4 star rating;
  • So that’s 35 out of 36 reviews (97.2%) on Facebook scoring 4 or 5 stars!
  • Check out all the Facebook reviews and ratings here.

If you add the Google and Facebook reviews and ratings together, here’s what we score:

  • Eighty-three 5 star ratings (89.25%);
  • Plus an additional five 4 star ratings;
  • So that’s 88 out of 93 reviews being 4 or 5 star (that’s 94.6% being scored as excellent or very good, which is amazing!).

So, the message is that we seem to be getting it right when it comes to our printing and document binding services. If you would like to try us we’d be delighted to offer free printing and binding quotations without obligation or pressure. We offer:

Call 020 7928 9738 or contact us here for a free quotation or for any enquiries. You can also click any of the bold links on this article for more information about that particular service.