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Recently we’ve been regularly producing dissertation printing and binding for London College of Fashion students here at The Document Centre in London, so we thought we’d find out more about them and share it here on the blog. As is the case with several other well-known London institutions, The London College of Fashion (‘LCF’) is part of the ‘University of the Arts London’. The main LCF campus is at John Prince’s Street, London W1 (just to the North of Oxford Circus) with other campuses being located in West London, East London and a couple of university buildings being close to Old Street.

The London College of Fashion is known as a global leader in the area of fashion education, consultancy and research. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as short courses and training. Courses include fashion design but also fashion-related subjects such as make-up, beauty and lifestyle. The LCF focuses on ‘the development of ideas‘ and, as part of this, sets its students the goal of ‘fashioning the future‘. It is indeed true that leading-edge fashion design can challenge and even help to sculpt modern culture and we’ve seen this many times in the past. One of the LCF’s major priorities is fashion business and enterprise. With this in mind, it has a strong leaning towards business and innovation in its Fashion Business School as well as having its own business and management portfolio. It also maintains top-level connections to the global fashion industry.

Alumni from the college include many notable figures from the worlds of fashion, fashion publishing and culture. Just a couple of examples are Jimmy Choo of ‘shoe’ fame, the pop singer Rachel Stevens and the womenswear designer William Tempest, who has dressed the singer Rihanna, the actress Emma Watson and the fashion model Kate Moss, amongst others. Jimmy Choo is also a visiting lecturer as is none other than the fashion designer Donatella Versace. For more details about the LCF, see their website.

With regard to the thesis (a.k.a. ‘dissertation’) printing and binding that we’ve been producing recently for students from the LCF, we’ve generally printed between 75 and 150 pages for each one (usually a mixture of both colour and black and white pages) and students have generally required a hardbound cover to suit the specifications laid down by the college. Some have also required the burning of a CD along with the addition of a pocket in which to house it inside the bound thesis. Some LCF students have required very fast turnaround (including 4 hour ‘same day’ turnaround) while others have used a more economical service spread over several days. All these options are no problem at all at The Document Centre as dissertation binding and printing is one of our main daily activities. More information about our dissertation printing and binding services is available here and more about all the book and document binding types and optional extras is available in our recent, in-depth blog post on the topic. You can order printing and binding online here (with options to pay with PayPal or pay later on collection), call 020 7928 973 or find us here.

Photo of university building © Stephen Richards; licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.