Books Giftwrapped

We receive many requests for bespoke, one-off bookbinding at The Document Centre. At this time of year this includes many required for use as gifts. In just the last two months alone we have received requests to bind small runs to give as presents such as one-off novels, short stories, bespoke keepsakes, personal journals, bookbinding of original poetry collections, bound memoirs to give to close family members, presentational book type gifts such as a specially re-bound novel (e.g. where we changed the standard paperback cover into a high quality embossed and foiled leather hardback for someone’s wife), even the bespoke binding of printed Facebook entries to make a book for use as a keepsake for a daughter returned after travelling abroad … plus many more bespoke, often personalised, bindings. Here are just a few examples of such enquiries we have dealt with during November and December alone:

  • “My husband has written his first novel and I would like to have it made into a hard back book for him”.
  • “I just wanted to thank you for the advice on layout and speedy delivery of the 4 page short story. I was slightly worried it would look silly being 4 pages long but I needn’t have worried, you have made it fantastic! The book now looks like it should be sitting on the shelves of bookstores nationwide. Thank you again …”
  • “My siblings and I would like to have our Dad’s memoirs printed and bound in leather for his 90th birthday. At present they are stored as a word document.”
  • “I am writing a mini book for a friend. The story will be about 1500-2000 words with colour illustrations which I’ll embed in the text. I would like it to be hardbound A5 size.”
  • “After lots of searching and reading your fab reviews you seem to be the best choice for my needs. My partner has written a short story and i would like to get 1 maybe 2 copies of the story made into a book, on the lines of a hard backed novel I would normally buy in a shop”
  • “I wish to have a document bound in book format for a gift. The book would contain 569 pages, I would want back and front printing and a hard cover in a thesis style.”
  • “I just wrote a story about my last holidays and I would like to create 4 books with it to give as presents.”
  • “I have an inquiry about your book binding [for] 5-10 books. My grandfather used to write poetry, and although he had a few published, most went unpublished. I have collected all of his poems and I really want to get them made up into a beautiful book for him to enjoy […] a leather bound book […] there are about 300 poems so it would not be a particularly small book, and we would want a fair few copies for family etc, although not perhaps all with the same binding as it would be nice to have one particularly special one just for him.”
  • “I’m collecting a series of photos and Facebook entries from my daughter who is travelling for 4 months, and would like to put them together in a book as a keepsake present when she returns. It will be about 200 pages.”

So as you can see we receive many different types of request for bookbinding for use as gifts! The result is a unique, highly personal present which can be treasured for generations. Check out our bespoke bookbinding section for further details, contact us here or simply call us on 0207 928 9738.