Book Printing and Binding

You have worked tirelessly on your project, and you really want to finish up and put it aside. However, a few steps remain. You must print and bind your project before moving on to other important activities. As you think of where to print and bind them, you begin to wonder about the idea behind them.

Is binding a project that important, and which is the best place to do it?

Read on below as we discuss everything you need to know about binding and printing a project.

Why Is It Important to Bind Your Project?

Binding may seem unnecessary in some cases. However, it has numerous benefits, as you will read:

Creates a Good Impression

One of the main reasons why you should bind your project is because it creates a good impression. Imagine creating and printing a project and then simply stapling it while your co-worker presents a well-bound project. It is likely that you will feel like you have done way less. On the other hand, techniques such as thermal binding and spiral coil binding can help create a booklet that is presentable and stands out.

Protection of Your Work

Stapling your project can work as a short-term solution. However, if you want the documents to look presentable for longer, you will resort to techniques such as binding to prevent accidents such as tearing. Binding your project ensures that the document stays intact. Furthermore, it decreases the likelihood of it getting spoilt by drinks and other external influences.


Binding your work is a good idea because it helps you stay organized. For example, using index tabs can be a good idea worth embracing. Furthermore, binding gives you freedom of thought and expression as you can bind just about any document. Whether it is a workbook, photo album, employee handbook, photo album or a handbook, you can be sure that binding will work for you.

Binding Methods

There are several binding methods you can utilize for your project. They include:

Thermal Binding

Thermal binding involves the use of heat to bind documents to a cover. This binding technique is fast and requires relatively little effort while providing a surprisingly professional finish. Other advantages of using this approach include that the paper will not be punched and that more than one project can be bound at a time.

However, you need to realize that thermal binding may not be very long-lasting because the glue will eventually degrade, causing the book’s pages to dislodge.

Hardcover Binding            

Hardcovers include base cases, pastedowns and a spine board. The base cases and spine board reinforce the book’s structure, and they become invisible as soon as a book takes shape. The base cases will stiffen the pastedowns while the spine strengthens the actual spine. The base cases, spine and paste downs are held together by the case wrap. If there is a hardcover, the end paper will hold the cover and book block together.

The book blocks for hardcovers are usually held together by a technique known as perfect binding or perfect bound printing. Alternatively, they can be sewn. Sewing happens when several paper sheets are folded in half and inserted into one another to make what are known as signatures. These signatures are then held together with hemp thread.

On the other hand, perfect binding involves milling the binding edge of the inner pages and then fixing it on the chosen cover. The binder will prepare the spine, apply glue and then bind sheets of paper along the book spine.

Dissertation Binding

Your dissertation is probably the most important yet challenging project you will ever write in your university life. Once you have your dissertation completed, you can decide to print it online by putting it in the file upload section and then sending it to us. The option of printing a dissertation online is also applicable for research papers and essays. We then bind it professionally and deliver it as quickly as possible from our printing centre.

So what kind of binding should you use for your dissertation?

Most students use a full-colour hardback binding. However, we offer other options such as the spiral binding or coil binding and the paperback version. You can choose different printing configurations, including colour or black and white printing, paper type and even layout.

Wire Binding

Wire binding is one of the best methods for binding books. It is alternatively known as wire-o, ring, double-o, or wire bind.

The wire binding process involves inserting punched pages into a C-shaped spine and then squeezing the spine into a round shape with a wire closer.

Documents that are printed and bound in this way will open flat on a table or desk and allow for page rotation.

Strip Binding

Strip binding is a permanent binding involving plastic binding strips that will be locked in with a hot knife. Printed and bound documents will remain secure for a long time to come.

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