One of the many printing and document binding services that we offer is bespoke bookbinding. This is often used by people needing one-off (or low run) books that are unique. Sometimes they will only be used once or at other times they will be retained as keepsakes or official records. Examples include presentation books for interior designers and architects, concept books for degree students, housing or commercial development presentations e.g. for planning authorities or housing developers, occasionally we produce them for authors or as limited edition books and at other times they’re requested simply to use as year books, commemorations, personal gifts or mementos. What’s common to every one of them is that they’re all unique and very special.

For one recent bespoke bookbinding job, we received a lovely email from the customer. The message sang our praises as printers and bookbinders and we’re really grateful for the lovely feedback. Here’s the message:

“Dear Mark and Louis,
Just to thank you again for the awesome presentation book. The guys made the presentation today and it was very well received, with positive remarks about the book. We are really impressed with your amazing service. Many thanks again.”

This was for an A3 hardbound book which was completed in just 2 hours! We’re pleased that the presentation went so well for the client and it was good of the customer to contact us with such a lovely message.

Printing & Bespoke Bookbinding Services in London Bridge & SE1

The Document Centre is based in Southwark Bridge Road in London SE1, close to London Bridge (just a ten minute walk). We are printers as well as bookbinders and book restorers. Printing services include high quality commercial digital printing, document duplication and large format printing (banners, posters etc.). Bookbinding services include bespoke bookbindingthesis and dissertation printing and binding for university studentsbook repair and restoration. The bookbinding services include many different types of binding including soft binding, hard binding, wiro binding, perfect binding, glue binding, thermal binding, velo binding and more. We can print covers in full colour or, for soft and hardbound books, cover them in cloth, leather, faux leather or a library ‘Buckram’, which is available in many colours. Printed sheets can be laminated and we also offer both digital and traditional hot foil blocking. For any document binding, bookbinding or printing needs in and around London SE1, call 020 7928 9738 or contact us here. University students studying for degrees can order at the shop or order thesis and dissertation printing and binding online here.

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