Writing is a lifelong dream for many people. In fact, thousands of people already have their books published, and the good news is that you can be a great writer. 


But the problem starts with knowing what to write and getting the right idea. Unlocking your creativity can be one of the hardest parts of writing your own book. So what’s the secret?

In this article, we have listed seven great ideas to write your own book. You can either work with them or draw inspiration that will help create yours. Still wondering how? Here are the best ideas for writing your own book.

1. Discuss Your Challenges

You’re probably used to the cliché, “there’s nothing new”. You can apply this to whatever problems you might have, you’re not the only one. 

One great idea for writing your book is to discuss the challenges you have either faced in the past or are facing now. You can talk about how you were able to overcome them or what you’re trying to do to keep yourself above water. 

Whatever it is, people love to share their stories and they love it when others share theirs, especially when what you experience is similar to theirs. It can help them feel less alone. 

Think about the ideas you’ve had, the goals, and the obstacles you have encountered either personally or professionally, then discuss how you were able to deal with them in your book.

2. Talk About Something That Interests You

What do you love to do? Do you have an interest in cooking, traveling or singing? What are you naturally inclined towards? 

Everyone has something that interests them even if they think it might not be interesting to others. Several people have the same interest as you and will welcome what you discuss in your book. 

For instance, if you love to travel, you can discuss all the places you’ve been to and offer people advice on how to get there and make the most of their stay. Ask questions, and observe properly. Make more findings, and it’ll be easier to write.

3. Compile a Series of Blog Posts

One great idea for your book is to compile what you’ve already written. If you are a blogger, for instance, there’s a high probability that you blog in a specific group of niches. You can decide to pick one out of those niches, put together everything you’ve written there, and make it into a book. 

If you don’t have a blog and you’re a contributor to a daily, weekly, or monthly magazine, you can repurpose that content. 

You just simply have to compile and organize your posts into chapters or sections, format them properly, and then print them as a book.

One good thing about this idea is that you can expand on what you’ve already written, or decide to write another book from the inspiration you got while making the compilation.

4. Talk About Love

Love is a very broad topic that you can decide to discuss. There are several kinds; agape, and so on. This is particularly a topic that almost everyone can relate to making it a wonderful idea. 

If you like, you can work on the project with your partner where you write love letters to each other for instance, reply to each other, and then print what you have written. It enables you to put originality and lots of creativity into the work. 

You can also collaborate with a friend and feature love stories, reflections, and poems. 

Love is not an exhaustive topic, and there are always new beliefs and dimensions to it that people will be willing to read on.

If you’re unable to find someone to partner with, you can turn it into a fictional book and write a series of letters to yourself. You can also write about inanimate things such as people, objects, or places that you enjoy.

5. Talk About Cooking

Are you a chef or you’re inclined towards cooking? If you often find yourself discussing cooking shows with your friends or your family members and the people around you love the taste of your cooking, then you just might have your book idea. 

You can write about what inspires you to cook, the different cuisine and food ingredients you’ve tried, important nutritional tips, dietary trends, food fads and fallacies, local or international dishes, and other favorite things you love about food.

6. Talk About Your Autobiography

There are chances that you have a wonderful, unique, inspiring, and powerful life journey that you’ll love people to know about even if you’re still young. 

What time in life did you defy all odds to reach a goal everyone thought was beyond your reach? How were you able to overcome hardships and find your success? 

Was there a time you were in a leadership role and you were able to help people discover themselves? These are parts of the interesting things that make an autobiography. If you’ve done any of them at all, then you have something to talk about. 

What more? You discuss your own self so people get to really know who you are!

7. Talk About Business

Business is one interesting topic you can write about. The good news is there are several aspects of business and you just have to pick one. 

For instance, you can talk about how to buy and sell, import and export, how to make money, and affiliate marketing, among several others.

You can also help people start their businesses through your book and charge a small fee for it. Win-win situation!

In Conclusion

If you’re looking forward to writing your own book, one good thing is that you don’t have to be stuck on an idea. 

This article has seven great ideas that can help kick off writing your own book. The most important thing is to start writing. Once you start, you’ll know what to write, and then the direction the book is to follow.. 

The key is to begin your book journey and you’ll discover it’s not nearly as hard as you thought it would be. Have a look at Document Centre’s book binding service if you are interested in getting your own book made!