2 in 1 bookbinding job

We recently produced a 2-in-1 hardbound book for a customer. Similar to another example we blogged about in April, at first glance this appears to be a single book but, once opened, it becomes apparent that there are two books inside, waiting to be discovered. Open one out to the left, and the other out to the right — but these are not in a slip case; the two internal books are permanently hardbound into the main outer book. It’s very innovative yet is simple for professional bookbinders like The Document Centre to accomplish.

This type of multi-part, hardbound book is effective and unusual so can be a memorable way to present photos and text to your desired audience. It can be ideal for people like photographers, designers, architects, model agencies, photo agencies or any organisation who wants to leave a client or prospect with a lasting impression of their product or service. Great for corporate presentations, proposals and tenders alike, or for personal one-off photograph albums for special occasions or commemorations, this type of bookbinding starts at about £55, based on a three working day turnaround. Contact The Document Centre for more information or learn more about our bespoke bookbinding services here.