When asked “How professional were our staff?” 100% of recent* customers said that they were professional, with 86% saying ‘Extremely’ so. This was part of the ongoing survey of customers who were asked to answer a series of multiple-choice questions relating to their recent orders. The sparkling results are really pleasing to hear and we’d like to thank all those who have so far taken part.

Want to win a free iPad Mini? If you have recently used the printingbookbinding or thesis binding services of The Document Centre, you could be in with a good chance of doing so by filling in our post-purchase online survey. The draw takes place every six weeks (next draw scheduled for March). You should have received a flyer showing the web address of the survey when your finished job was supplied to you by The Document Centre (we do not publish the address otherwise we may receive non-genuine customer submissions). However, if you do not have the flyer, you can request details simply by contacting us. You’ll need your job reference number when entering the survey if you wish to take part in the free draw element of the survey (if not, you can still fill in all the other sections). See this blog post for more details. Thank you so much!

* Includes all February survey respondents to date, at time of writing (i.e. responses received from 1st to 24th February 2016).